Came out to Dallas Texas for business trip for a day, now that business part is done, it’s time to relax, Round1 in Dallas isn’t so far away, gonna check stuff out tonight since it’s only time I have in Dallas!

Pretty empty, but wasn’t expecting anyone here any ways, it’s right in middle of the week! Usual games as socal Round1 PHM. BBCF!


The dude helped me with the credit transfer from PHM.

Single player BB has been done too much, so let’s just play this Tekken 7, unfortunately it’s not the Fated Retribution version, but single player Tekken isn’t bad.

At airport I see news that Steam version of the Tekken 7 FR is actually releasing ahead of schedule! I quickly tether and get the game activated.  Notice a lot more characters selectable on the newest FR version!

It was very short day trip to Dallas, but got to check out another Round1.